Origin and Evolution

Cosenit was incorporated in the year 2000, upon request of various companies seeking to increase their competitiveness by improving the efficiency of their energy costs.

We are experts in the integral knowledge of Colombian electricity, natural gas, coal and LPG markets, among others, and we have developed the tools for the analysis and forecasts thereof.

Our clients are major energy consumers and public or private entities that require support in energy matters. With our experience, we provide them with a complete understanding of the different energy sectors, so that they can make significant decisions, in a timely manner, and with enough criteria.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to add value, in a permanent way, to our clients, employees, shareholders and the society, by providing an integral service with the highest quality,respect and integrity standards.

Under this premise, our vision is to maintein ourselves as the leading energy consulting and advising company nationwide, and to project ourselves this way towards Latin America.

Our team


Rodríguez Morales

General Manager


Rodríguez Lemaitre

Partner, Manager Of Special Projects Division

María Virginia

Rodríguez Lemaitre

Partner, Manager Of Natural Gas Division


Villamil Castellanos

Partner, Manager Of Electrical Energy Division